Liberty, Unfetterd


On the occasion of 450 years of Alkmaar Relief in 2023, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar has called on artists to present a work of art with their view on the theme of 'freedom'.

The theme of 'freedom' plays an important role in the history of Alkmaar. Over the centuries, the theme has been depicted in various ways. On the occasion of 450 years of Alkmaar Ontzet, the museum has called on contemporary artists to reimagine the theme of 'freedom'. In the small room, 6 of the 141 submitted proposals will be presented as a draft design.

The public can vote for three of the six designs that appeal to them most. The three designs with the most votes will be realized. These new works of art can be seen next year in the exhibition 'New Statues of Liberty' during the celebration of Alkmaar Ontzet 2023.

So if you look closely, you will see a piece of yourself in the final work of art,

'Liberty, Unfettered Release' plays with the imagination of the free spirit. The larger-than-life tapestry offers the visitor a moment of wonder and reflection. A specially developed weaving technique gives the threads free space, creating a special 3-dimensional effect. The artist will spin yarns for this work of art. For this, residents of Alkmaar can donate their 'freedom threads', which are then processed together in the fabric. So if you look closely, you will see a piece of yourself in the final work of art, among those of many others.

I want to show people all the beauty and richness that the world contains in color

By creating a field of tension for the brain, you will experience freedom

I would like to give people an experience where they can experience how they can stimulate their brain in a positive way in order to experience more freedom. The way of stimulating people to experience more freedom is to interest people through shapes/colors and “food” for the brain, without getting them overstimulated. For me and for the viewer, freedom consists of feeling extremely good and not experiencing any hindrance or fear in any way. Many people experience freedom during holidays or in nature. These are times when they often don't need anything at all. Nature contains a lot of green. Green as a color gives peace. But at the same time because of the unexpected and the beautiful colors and the richness of structures in nature, nature is never boring to look at.