Stimuli Wiring


How I am going to perceive things today, you nor anyone else will ever know.

In a way we do have a lot of influence on perception and we can learn many things ourselves. By giving a lot of attention to something you find interesting, you can get better at it. Because of the fact that you used to be interested in a certain subject, you might see and experience things differently today.

Collection Stimuli Wiring System is built on this friction, tension and the richness of our wiring system that happens in your body and affects our brain. I searched for continuous movement and the richness from how our body is built.

However, aspects such as culture, genes and upbringing do have a major impact on this.

External stimuli are like the bits and bytes that a computer converts into logical composite units. I actually think it's like weaving where the bits and bytes are like the warp threads and weft. All together they form a woven fabric.

The stimuli that are perceived by our senses, generate activity in the brain. This process influences our DNA and therefore stimuli influence our DNA. This influence has an effect on our behavior and on our being, but above all on the choices we make.

I want to show people all the beauty and richness that the world contains in color

By creating a field of tension for the brain, you will experience it as interesting, beautiful or exciting.

By using the right color combinations in work in which a lot happens, I can still present these in a calming manner. I pay attention to the psychological effect of colors,as well as the needs of people in them, so that I can sense and satisfy them.That's exactly what I want with my textiles. I want to show people all the beauty and richness that the world contains in color.